Introduction Edit

The following is an overview of our tier system.

The Characters in this series are placed into a tier depending on there powers and abilities.

Explanation Edit

This ranking system is entirely based on the VS Battles wiki, which in turn theirs is made this way due to being based on that of the Anime Characters Fight wiki's tier system.

This system is based on the principle that according to infinity in projective geometry, and the concept of a Hausdorff dimension, each higher spatial (or added temporal) dimension is a more than countably infinite number of times greater than the preceding number. Kindly see this page for a more detailed explanation with easy to understand examples.

In addition, according to Brane Cosmology, a universe consists of a 4-dimensional (3 spatial dimensions + 1 temporal dimension) brane in a higher-dimensional structure, with our multiverse containing something on the order of 10^500 of them.

The M-Theory defines the sum totality of an entire multiverse, with all higher dimensions included, as a 10 to 11-dimensional structure. We follow the convention of a complete multiverse being 11-dimensional.

Tiers Edit

Tier 11: Minute Edit

11-α: Point level Edit

11-δ: Line level Edit

11-Ω: Plane level Edit

Tier 10: Mortal Edit

10-α: Animal level Edit

10-δ: Human level Edit

10-Ω: Athlete level Edit

Tier 9: Gifted Edit

9-α: Street level Edit

9-δ: Wall level Edit

9-Ω: Room/Small Building level Edit

Tier 8: Hero Edit

8-α: Building level Edit

8-δ: City Block level Edit

8-Ω: Village level Edit

Tier 7: Legend Edit

7-α: Town level Edit

7-δ: Kingdom level Edit

7-Ω: Empire level Edit

Tier 6: Protector Edit

6-α: Island level Edit

6-δ: Country level Edit

6-Ω: Continent level Edit

Tier 5: Archetype Edit

5-α: Moon level Edit

5-δ: Planet level Edit

5-Ω: Large Planet level Edit

Tier 4: Demi-Deity Edit

4-α: Star level Edit

4-δ: Solar System level Edit

4-Ω: Star Cluster level Edit

Tier 3: Deity Edit

3-α: Galaxy level Edit

3-δ: Supercluster level Edit

3-Ω: Universe level Edit

Tier 2: Guardian Edit

2-α: Multiverse level Edit

2-δ: Megaverse level Edit

2-Ω: Ultraverse level Edit

Tier 1: Supreme Edit

1-α: Hyperverse level Edit

1-δ: Omniverse level Edit

1-Ω: Outerverse level Edit

Tier 0: Almighty Edit

Absolute 0: Truly Infinite Edit

Other Tiers Edit

Tier ?: Unknown Edit

?: Unexplained as of the current moment or cannot be explained at all

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