Power class determines how powerful a certain character is through strength, speed, and intelligence.

Power Class Chart

Class Rank Strength (Weakest - Strongest) Speed (Slowest - Fastest) Intelligence (Lowest - Highest)
Iota Minute (Souls, Spirits, Ghosts, etc.) None - Below Average None - Slow Mindless - Sentient
Alpha Lesser (Imps, Cupids, Leechers) Below Average - Average Slow - Below Average Sentient - Average
Eta Mortal (Humans, Animals, etc.) Below Average - Superhuman Below Average - Above Average Average - Intellegent
Pi Immortal (Mutants, Fables, Legendary Heroes) Average - Mutant Slow - Supersonic Sentient - Highly Intelligent
Psi Protector (Angels, Daemons, Harvesters) Planetary - System Hypersonic - Speed of Light Highly Intelligent - Genius
Delta Archetype (Archangels, Archfiends, Reapers) System - Galactic Speed of Light - Faster than Light Genius - Supergenius
Zeta Nigh-Diviner (Demigods, Demititans, false gods, false titans) Galactic - Universal Faster than light -


Supergenius - Mastermind
Chi Diviner (Gods, Titans, Guardians) Universal - Multiversal Multiversal - Hyperversal Mastermind - Extravagant
א Supreme (Demielders, Demiouters) Hyperversal - Nigh-Omnipotent Omniversal - Truly Infinite Extravagant - Nigh-Omniscient
ω Almighty (Elders, Outers) Truly Omnipotent Truly Omnipresent Truly Omniscient


  • Not every being falls under these three sets, for example: minute entities can have Gamma Class Intelligence, while some supreme beings can have Eta Class speed. The table above only shows the norm.