Before the Aeons, the light of the benevolent which at the core of all things beyond both known and unknown—the Old Origin reined, now whose radiance long faded, and who slumbers amidst the gloaming Void beyond both The Infinity and Dream he waits, as maddening screams of torn souls echo throughout the ruins of his once loved paradise.
~ Before the Aeons, Genesis
"I play a rather important role in everything. I am the main reason why you exist in the first place. I am the author of everything, even to those who have infinite power at their disposal. The term Omnipotence was a concept I created and gave to the Great Beyonders. They have been trusted to bare such power. They--like I, can do whatever we so choose, but only I bare the power to put them in their place if they dare step out of line."
~ Maraxis to Atarrax


Maraxis is the most powerful character among all other characters in the series. Known to be creator of everything and far greater than any concept to exist. Though he is known to be immensely powerful, he rarely uses his might. (This could change on mood)


The Origin (a formal title),The Old Origin,The End/Beyond All Ends (a final title), An Enigma, The Author


Cannot be determined, Irrelevant


Strength ? | X Unknown | Irrelevant
Durability ? | X Unknown | Irrelevant
Speed ? | X Unknown | Irrelevant (exists in areas where everything cannot exist)
Stamina ? | X Unknown | Irrelevant
Intelligence ? | X Unknown | Irrelevant, Beyond Omniscient (is the only one who bares secrets that even knowledge can't answer)

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