I am the Citadel, unbridled judgement! However, there is no need to fear me.
~ Galactrus to Atarrax

 Summary Edit

Galactrus is one of the original seven primal Elders and is in fact the strongest Elder out of the 6 remaining along with being the almighty Ruler of the Citadel.


High Elder, Elder of Elders, Ruler of the Citadel, The Supremacy Elder, Thine Truly, The Old Corruptor (only when he removes the Elder Trinity)

Powers/Abilities Edit

True Omnipotence, True Omnipresence, True Omniscience

Statistics Edit

Stat Class Meaning
Strength ω | ? Truly Infinite | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Durability ω | ? Truly Infinite | Unknown (slowly disintegrates when the Elder Trinity is removed)
Speed ω | ? Truly Infinite/Truly Omnipresent | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Stamina ω | ? True Infinity | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Intelligence ω | Alpha Truly Omniscient | Sentient (falls into madness with the only goal to hold off Maraxis)

Key: Default | Unbound

Explanation Edit

Notes Edit

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