I am the Citadel, unbridled judgement! However, there is no need to fear me.
~ Galactrus to Atarrax

 Summary Edit

Galactrus is one of the original seven Eternasl out of the 6 remaining along with being the almighty Ruler of the Citadel.


Eternal of Elders, Thine Truly

Powers/Abilities Edit

True Omnipotence, True Omnipresence, True Omniscience

Statistics Edit

Stat Class Meaning
Strength ω | ? Truly Infinite | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Durability ω | ? Truly Infinite | Unknown (slowly disintegrates when the Elder Trinity is removed)
Speed ω | ? Truly Infinite/Truly Omnipresent | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Stamina ω | ? True Infinity | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Intelligence ω | Alpha Truly Omniscient | Sentient (falls into madness with the only goal to hold off Maraxis)

Key: Default | The Redalion

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