Dimensions/Realities in The Infinity

Universe: A singular 4 dimensional plane which contains a finite amount of Galaxies, Stars, and other celestial bodies within.

Negaverse: A singular 4 dimensional plane that is completely opposite to a parallel Universe.

Multiverse: An 11 dimensional Reality that contains a finite amount of Universes/Negaverses that contains every outcome that can or could happen within it.

Macroverse: A 12 dimensional Reality that contains an Infinite amount of Universes/Negaverses and a finite amount of Multiverses.

Ultraverse: A 13-14 dimensional Reality that contains the other before-mentioned dimensions along with dream-states.

Hyperverse: A 15+ dimensional Reality that is far more complex, containing the before-mentioned dimensions and other forms of bodies.

Omniverse: An all-dimensional Reality that contains an Infinite number of all the before-mentioned dimensions/realities.

Outerverse: A form of Reality that exists outside of the Infinity, they are beyond-dimensional with no form of regular dimensions holding them in place making them distorted.

Dimensions/Realities in The Dream

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