Summary Edit

Avok is the first Outer of the series, known for once being the first Primal Elder created by The Origin and was turned into an Outer after attacking him.


The Old Ruler, The First Outer, the Mutant Elder, Guardian of the Void, The Primal Outer, The Gloaming Slumber, The Outer of Outers, The Slumbering Monarch, The Calamity Awoken (only when it wakes up)

Powers/Abilities Edit

True Omnipotence, True Omnipresence, True Omniscience

Statistics Edit

Stat Class Meaning
Strength ?, ω | ? Unknown, True Omnipotence | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Durability ?, ω | ? Unknown, Truly Infinite | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Speed ω | ? True Omnipresence (is The Dream itself) | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Stamina ? | ω Unknown | Truly Infinite
Intelligence ω True Omniscience

Key: Asleep | Awakened

Explanation Edit

Avok is a mutant Elder, fusing with one of the two Infinites which was an effect caused when the Origin (Maraxis) collapsed and exploded. Not much else is known about Avok being that it is sleeping.

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